The RS Wedding

Yes this was a beautiful wedding, yes this had a nice theme, yes this looked pretty, yes the bride and the groom were extremely happy but what’s really important is the fact that everything, and we mean everything was done in one week, thats seven days. Seven days from the time they decided to get married and had the first meeting with us and they got married. It is funny how it all panned out, the couple came-in from Australia for their holidays and they just out-of-the-blue decided to finally get married, picked up the phone and gave us a call, then it all started!

The picturesque venue at Amanora was decked-up to perfection and a smooth wedding was followed by dinner in one flawless yet one of the quickest wedding productions ever. It puts on a smile on our faces, makes us feel proud of ourselves and our team and makes us remember of the time which was loaded with fast decision making and quick action!